Parental control from iPhone to Android: how it works
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Technology giants devote a lot of time to user safety issues. Today, Apple, Google and Microsoft are trying to help parents protect their children from everything harmful than the World Wide Web and make communication with their favorite gadget as harmless as possible for both physical and mental health. However, all is well in its […]
Mobile commerce app
Mobile commerce app
Online sales are growing every day, and as a result, the e-commerce industry is seeing more and more mobile solutions. Consumers want to buy products and services anytime, anywhere, even on the go. More and more people are choosing mobile e-commerce apps over websites because apps offer speed, adaptability and convenience. If your business involves […]
Is Android the future? iOS and Android development statistics
iOS and Android development statistics Android
There are more and more mobile device users every day, with annual sales of smartphones in the world reaching 1.56 billion units. At the same time, the cost of smartphones is decreasing, making them affordable for most people. The global price is now around $215. One of the reasons for the decline in the price […]