Salat Now

“Salat Now” is a trend setter Salat reminder app where it reminds you and all of your connected friends for Salat. Almost everyone has social media accounts like facebook, twitter, instagram. Lets use it for Tabligh of Salat.

“Salat Now” is first of its kind and with a concept of spreading message of Salat 5times a day as a commandment of Allah Tala using large growing social media.
How to spread message of Salat? Very Simple 2 steps
1. Download and install “Salat Now”
2. Login with facebook (will add twitter and instagram very soon)

App will send you a reminder 5times a day for each Salat, it will also send message on your behalf to your social media friends by Posting a Hadith or Quranic Verse regarding Salat (with reference), Salat Name (like Fajr, Dohar, Asr, Magrib, Isha).

With these simple 2 steps, lets become part of Tabligh, spread this message to your friends, lets follow a discipline to say Salat 5times a day within the required timings.

We are waiting to see your response and suggestions at or visit

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